Pearson Adair professionals have worked in refineries worldwide, including some of the world’s largest and most integrated refining/petrochemical facilities. Our engineering expertise includes evaluation of process design, performance, and specifications as well as operations, maintenance, and safety evaluations. We provide insight in to all aspects of refinery operations, including assessments of overall operating costs, analysis to improve safety and maintenance procedures, and investigations of accidents. The breadth of our knowledge and understanding allows our consultants to assess and value many aspects of refining operations.

Privatization of Turkish Refining and Marketing Assets

Performed due diligence on four state-owned refineries in the Republic of Turkey located at Izmit, Izmir, Kirrikale, and Batman. Inspected facilities, reviewed capital upgrade programs, and completed fair market valuation. Performed similar analyses on state-owned refined products distribution assets.

Asset Privatization

Assessed state-owned refining and marketing assets in Greece to determine key technical and economic issues relative to the privatization of these assets. Toured the facilities and worked with management to review the present condition of the assets and the need for capital improvements to assure long-term viability. Assisted Credit Suisse First Boston in the preparation of the offering memorandum and prepared a cash flow valuation of the assets prior to marketing. Provided assistance with regard to the asset marketing effort, an overview of the competitive position of the assets on an industry-wide basis, and preparation of the data room.


Provided technical and economic analyses, asset valuations, and feasibility analyses for bank group relative to refining, terminalling, and marketing assets located on the U.S. West Coast and U.S. Gulf Coast.