Pearson Adair consultants have experience with chemical manufacturing facilities around the world. We advise clients on technical aspects of chemicals production of such engineering and operations as well as the commercial and marketing issues. We often combine our knowledge and experience to analyze the design, construction, operation and economic viability of chemical manufacturing facilities whether operating on a stand-alone basis or as part of integrated, multi-facility systems.

Expert Testimony Natural Gas, LPG, And Olefins Underground Storage Loss, Major U.S. Gas Transmission Pipeline Company

Retained to provide expert opinions with respect to the technical capabilities and commercial value of underground storage caverns located near the Henry Hub in Louisiana and serving adjacent petrochemicals manufacturing complex. Completed evaluation of technical capabilities of storage facilities for natural gas, LPG, and olefins in order to assess losses associated with the catastrophic failure of one cavern. Valuation included assessment of market conditions such as supply/demand and pricing prior to the incident, at the time of the incident, and in the future. Provided expert opinions for case-in-chief and rebuttal as well as deposition testimony.

Ethanol Production Facility

Investigated alleged process design deficiencies in the distillation, evaporation, and dehydration units in a 105-million-gallon-per-year, denatured ethanol production facility utilizing the Dry Mill process. Energy requirements for the facility were met by a Fluidized Bed Gasifier using biomass feedstock.

Loss Valuation

Retained by chemicals manufacturer to determine damages associated with construction delay and subsequent failure to meet production specifications for a U.S. Gulf Coast olefins facility.

Due Diligence Assessment

Completed technical due diligence of chemicals manufacturing facility in Western Europe as part of privatization of government-owned company. Provided technical and commercial input for offering memorandum, including market assessments, volume forecasts, and price forecasts.

Biodiesel Manufacturing

Supported project development and investor due diligence efforts for more than five biodiesel production projects worldwide. Analyses included feedstock supply/demand analyses, feedstock logistics assessment, feedstock price forecasting, product quality assessment as well as evaluation of distribution, storage and end-use markets, including generation of renewable fuel credits where possible.

Propane Product Quality Dispute

Investigated the design and operation of a natural gas liquids fractionation, storage, and loading facility located on the Red Sea to determine potential causes of alleged hydrogen sulfide contamination of propane cargoes. Reviewed all production and storage records and demonstrated that propane loads met all quality specifications.